Software & Services

Software and Services

Changing lives one line
of code at a time.

Meaningful Innovation
You'll work on the development and enhancement of software products that are essential to healthcare operations, from patient management systems to mobile health applications. Your work will directly impact the quality and accessibility of healthcare services, improving the lives of individuals and communities.

Collaborative Ecosystem
Our software team thrives on collaboration across disciplines. You will work closely with UI/UX designers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of usability, performance, and clinical relevance.

Technology Leadership
Raksha is committed to using and advancing the latest technologies in the field of healthcare IT. You will have the opportunity to work with modern frameworks, cloud services, and emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI to build secure, scalable, and interoperable software solutions.

Career Growth and Development
We believe in fostering the growth of our employees through continuous learning and professional development. At Raksha, you will have access to advanced training programs, certification courses, and leadership opportunities to help you advance in your career.

Open Positions

Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer at Raksha Communications, you will lead the technical development and deployment of a cutting-edge electronic health record system. Your role will involve architecting and coding robust healthcare software solutions using Django, Python, and modern cloud technologies. You'll ensure the product's scalability and performance, particularly focusing on solutions for the geriatric population. This position is ideal for candidates experienced in SAAS products, familiar with FHIR standards, and passionate about making a tangible impact in healthcare technology.

Senior Database Engineer

As a Senior Database Engineer at Raksha Communications, your role will focus on designing, managing, and maintaining advanced databases for a groundbreaking electronic health record system. Utilizing SQL, Azure, and Python, you'll ensure the creation of secure, compliant, and highly available database architectures tailored for the healthcare industry. Your expertise will be crucial in implementing databases that support high-stakes decisions and respect the privacy and security of patient data. This position is perfect for candidates with a robust background in SAAS database development who are committed to enhancing healthcare delivery through technology.